Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


I grew up in Texas for 12 years of my life and drove on the Mexican border countless times and FINALLY got to visit for the first time this year and holy moly I am in love.


I traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco to meet up with my family. We stayed at a beautiful, magical house an hour away from the city and just outside of a small village called Boca de Tomatlán. I plan like crazy and am always on the go so I don't miss out anything on my vacations, but this was the complete opposite (and JUST as great). We spent a lot of our time eating amazing meals, floating in the bright blue ocean with the string rays, and drinking bottomless margaritas. Just a week of sunshine rays and salty days.


Puerto Vallarta is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been too. Where the mountains meet the ocean. The ocean is forever the perfect temperature and crystal clear. The people are genuine, hospitable, and kind. The city of Puerto Vallarta itself is charming and friendly and just vibrant with color.


Any time I travel somewhere, I try and visit the botanical gardens. So we decided to drive into the mountains and visit the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Easily one of the most beautiful gardens I've ever explored.


We decided to have a really adventurous day and took a water taxi out to Los Arcos National Park and snorkel. I've always had a lot of anxiety when I've tried to snorkel or even think about scuba diving and this changed the game for me. I'm so happy my sister gave me a little more of a nudge to try snorkeling out again. Y'all. I don't know why it took me so long but OH MY GOODNESS.


I can't believe it took me this long to go to Mexico, but I'm happy Puerto Vallarta and the village of Boca de Tomatlán were the first places I visit. I absolutely cannot wait to explore more of this beautiful country and meet more amazing people. It truly felt like paradise.