A Weekend With Flowers


Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to assist one of my favorite local florists, Field Floral Studio. Megan Hevenor started Field in the summer of 2013 and has been making some of the eye-popping arrangements around since. The first time I stumbled across her work was at this darling Valentines Day event at my favorite lingerie shop in town, Étaín, where she sold tiny but alluring arrangements in ANK ceramic vases. 


Growing up, I had always assisted my mother when she made floral arrangements for our home or for family. They were always my favorite mother-daughter projects. In college, I was thrilled when I found out one of my duties working in the produce department at Whole Foods was to make bouquets for customers. I had always made little wild bouquets while during my in-between moments on walks or camping trips. Long story short, I have always felt a need to be knee-deep in flowers. My first tattoo was a bunch of peonies for goodness sake.


Working with Megan and being her assistant was such a joy. It absolutely dreamy to work with her making twenty arrangements in a room brimming with flowers. I fell hard for all of the incredible dahlias and foxgloves in the room. Megan would pull one out of the bucket and just about lose her mind, marveling at it's beauty. It was really refreshing working with my hands and with design in flower form. Something new and organic. I inspected and asked about every leaf, flower, and stem under my nose. I got to see what working a wedding as a florist was like (imagine arranging flowers machine-gun style) and to never wear impractically stylish clogs like a fool when working a wedding. I can't wait to get my hands on some more flowers. 


It was a whirlwind of astronomical fun. I learned lots about flowers and being a professional florist. By the way, always wash off the milky sap from euphorbias from your skin. Trust me.

I'm already eager to be knee-deep in flowers again. Until next time.