A Visit to New York City


Four days of running around the big city.

I had the delightful pleasure of running around New York City for a few days with the rest of the graphic design department and some faculty for the second year in a row. Among the hustle and bustle of the city, we got relax and visit some familiar studios as well as some new ones. New York City is definitely it's own animal, but you can't deny that there's a lot of hidden treasures on every corner of this concrete jungle worth exploring. 


The first day started at 4:30am. Four hours of driving, one hour riding a train, 45 minutes of walking, and one falafel gyro later, we made it to our first studio of the trip: Pentagram. For those of you unfamiliar with Pentagram, they're one of the largest design firms in the world with offices in New York, London, San Francisco, Berlin, and Austin. There's currently 22 partners including designers like Paula Scher, Michael Beirut, and of course Eddie Opara, who we've gotten to speak to for now the last two years.


Meeting with Eddie Opara is always a treat. Getting to see the projects he's completed and has working on has been a lot of fun. It's always so nice to be there for a few hours with everyone around a table and have such solid discussions on design.


The next morning, we started off the day with another visit to the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum. One of my favorite parts of visiting this museum is the amount of interactivity that is involved between work, museum, and visitor. One of my personal favorites was a room where hand drawn work was projected in a large space. 


We made our way to Project Projects. But due to some miscommunication we ended up look at the P!, a gallery affiliated with the studio. We looked at some old work and the current exhibition, Maryam Jafri: Economy Corner.


We ended the day with a studio visit with 2x4. Getting to see the studio and learn about their processes and see a range of projects was amazing. As with any trip, it was crazy and exhausting but overall inspiring and rewarding. I left with plenty of ideas for current and future projects and a list of new goals for myself and my work. Cheers!