The Beginning of the End


And here it is...

The final semester of my undergraduate college career. It's a pretty crazy thought that I'll be done in a short span of 15 weeks. It feels like I took my Design 101 class last year, not three years ago. This semester is going to be a crazy one but also exciting, stressful, fun, and hopefully most of all rewarding. 


Here is my studio space at the end of the first week. A lot of people call it my second apartment, which it basically is. All I need is a blow-up mattress under my desk and I'd be set. I've spent a good majority of the last year and a half in the design department's studio space. For the first week, it's already pretty chaotic. I'm sure it'll only grow more chaotic as the semester goes on. It's already filled with articles, books, scraps of paper, empty and full coffee mugs, and tools. 



Thesis – Week 1


I suppose I should talk about the project I'll be diving into for the next 15 weeks. I'll be covering a portion of what I've experienced my whole life: being a twin, an identical twin. I'll be exploring my own life and personal experiences as a twin and as an individual. I'll be collaborating with my sister Sophie, who's an illustrator, and interviewing other sets of twins I know, my family, and my friends. I'll be creating a body of design work based off of the content I gather. 

The first assignment we were given was to create a simple poster that had the audience asking a question about the thesis work based off of the words "if" and "then". These are the sketches and first drafts of my poster, focusing on my sister and I being viewed as a set of twins but also as individuals.


Working with my sister and exploring the questions I've always wondered is already the most exciting thing to me. These next 15 weeks are not going to be enough for this subject, but I'm so eager to see what I find out and what I can make out of it. I'll be sharing the process of my projects, inspirations, and thoughts I gather through each week. I'm excited to be posting my process on my content and allowing you all to follow along. 

Cheers to the beginning of the end and the start of something good!