Pace House


The Pace House was owned by American Artist Stephen Pace until 2007 and was then donated to Maine College of Art and it's community as an artist residency.  Every year, the graphic design department at Maine College of Art does a retreat at the Pace House in Stonington, Maine for a long weekend and make all sorts of art. 

The house is so beautiful. It has tons of character and lots of beautiful colors. The house is painted all white letting Stephen Pace's paintings bring the rooms to life. There are little trinkets everywhere and art left from past artists that have resided here. It's a quaint house with a view of the ocean. It's magnificent.

The town of Stonington is just as charming. I've had probably some of the best coffee here and the buildings are so quirky and fun like the Opera House. It's such a dreamy little coastal town.

We had projects lined up for us while we were there. Some students took video, others took photographs, one student painted, some of us did some printmaking and sun printing, and others documented with writing. The Pace House is endlessly inspiring. Especially when you're surrounded by wonderful people.

Each time I've gone with my department, it's always been a bonding experience. But this year was something else. I produced so much work that I love with people I'm now close to and inspired by. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend with professors and fellow students to start of my senior year.